Sunday, 25 October 2015

enfin "The Big Chill" is over!

......winter in the southern hemisphere was really cold this year ~ so much for global warming!
the upside of having to hibernate was I started knitting after discovering Lions Brand – Thick & Quick yarn in their enticing redwood colour.
i had a go @ knitting a wrap for mum for Mother’s day and as she genuinely liked it, that encouraged me to go on a bit of a yarn adventure, borrowing knitting books from the library and checking out the wealth of info from blogs and online patterns. nine scarves and half a knitted teddy bear later and Spring 2015 arrived early in September! *Hooray :  )

my favourite yarns to date for, Quality, Value for Money and  Ease of Use are:

* Lions Brand – Thick & Quick
* Panda – Soft Carnival
* 4 Seasons – Pure Wool
* 4 Seasons – Marvel
   Soft (Acrylic)

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