Wednesday, 20 March 2013

jANUARY 2013 ~ le Cherry Ripe

....after a 10year hiatus i decided to start sewing again.

Ma Maman et moi were doing a big clean up before the New Year and came across a Plastic tub, full of fabric & patterns, some cut and just waiting to be sewn.

McCalls 9357
So i decided to try one of the easiest patterns in our stash (by now a vintage) ~McCalls 9357  

   set myself a deadline to cut, sew & complete in four days to wear on Sunday....which i did, Yay!!!!

Here is the fait accompli!

le Cherry Ripe ~Back

              The Cherry Print in Polyester~Crepe, is fab! Soft & peachy to wear, although a little slippery to work with and McCalls 9357 is cute but not ideal for moi, i prefer a defined waist line and don't particularly like seams going right down the front of garments.

....albeit i received several compliments upon first wear.  ~Very encouraging, n'est pas!  

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